Google Suspends Donald Trump 2020 App From Play Store for Non-Functionality

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Google has suspended the Trump 2020 mission application from the Google Play Store for strategy infringement, the organization affirmed, following a report from Android Police which noticed the application couldn’t stack any substance and seemed to have been brought down.

 Both the Android variant of the application and its iOS partner have been left online since the November 2020 decisions, yet hadn’t got late updates — which probably added to the application’s soundness issues.

Google Suspends Donald Trump 2020 App From Play Store for Non-Functionality

The Play Store variant hadn’t been refreshed since October 30, 2020. As indicated by Android Police’s report, the application was hanging and couldn’t stack substance, and it announced availability issues.

We comprehend the issue was as they portrayed — when clients downloaded the application, it would either hold tight the underlying stacking screen with a turning “T” logo or it would quickly report a worker mistake at startup. Regardless, it could never stack the application experience.

Google disclosed that the application has not been prohibited from the Play Store, just suspended for its non-usefulness. It very well may be re-established if the issues are tended to. The organization additionally said it endeavored to connect with the application’s engineer prior to bringing down the application, yet never got a reaction.

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