Facebook storefront | How to Create Facebook Shop Page in Minutes

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Upon the millions of people that use Facebook every day, not many people know that they could get more customers on Facebook than selling on Amazon or eBay. Guess you did not know that was possible. If you did not know that there is a way then let me tell you a little more about Facebook storefront.

Facebook storefront

Facebook storefront is a business platform on facebook in which users with business pages get to sell their goods to customers. Marketing, buying,  selling and everything concerning the transactions, right there on the Facebook app. Doesn’t that sound nice, I bet it does. So like getting a store anywhere, you also get your storefront on Facebook and start selling.

Setting Up Facebook Storefront

The storefront is a medium of selling your products but if you don’t know where to set from don’t worry let me tell you. Setting a Facebook storefront is easy if you know what you are doing. You do not necessarily need to download any external thing on the app, because everything is done right there on Facebook.

  1. Create your Facebook page or you can go to your already created page.
  2. On the top right corner of your page, click Settings.
  3. Next, click on Templates and tabs right there on your computer.
  4. Find the find a tab button and click on it
  5. Then now you can see the shop option. Click on it.
  6. There you go. You are one step close to creating your shop, all you have to do is save and it is then stored in your templates and tabs.
  7. Another menu appears you scroll down and click on shop.

Attractive Touch on the Facebook Storefront Shop

Although you have successfully created your shop you would have to make it attractive to your viewers to convince them to want to buy your products. This is not compulsory but extremely necessary if you want those customers not just coming and leaving your page without buying or even showing interest in buying.

  1. Go to your page and enter your shop.
  2. Accept the merchant terms and conditions and continue.
  3. Choose an option on how viewers will buy from your page.
  4. Choose your currency you want to deal on.
  5. You will receive a welcome message saying “Welcome to your shop”.
  6. Now you can click Add products, to add your product name, pictures or videos, amount,  description, and any other valuable information.
  7. Alright, now you are good to go. Save and you are done.

Yes! You are done. Your page is ready for your customers. You can add as many more products that you wish to sell. Add detailed descriptions and images to help your buyers know more about the product they wish to sell. The storefront is ready and you can tell your friend and family that your business is now on Facebook.

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