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Facebook single dating group is just the perfect platform to help you find a potential soul mate.

facebook single dating group

Facebook Single Dating Group Advantages

Since Facebook has more than 2 billion members and about 1 in 10 of them, or 200 million, have identified themselves as single in their profiles, it means Facebook single dating group offers more choices in most categories, which helps you make a choice of who you want.

Facebook single dating group is different from the life you already have on Facebook, with a separate inbox. This means there is no message overlap between the usual messages you get on Facebook and your dating-related messages. None of your Facebook friends may get to know that you are on Facebook dating group.

How To Meet Singles On Facebook Single Dating Group

  • Put Up a Good Profile Picture

Your profile picture says a lot about who you are if you are to attract someone. Thus you have to ensure that the picture you put up is a true representation of yourself. The photo must not be a professional one, but let it be of high quality. You can also have multiple photo in your “Profile Photo Album”.

  • State Your Relationship Status

Stating your relationship status increases your chances of finding someone as this information is available for discovery. If you were single and just found someone, it is advised that you wait 6-12months before you change your relationship status if you are no longer single, just to be sure. This is because changing your relationship status frequently if the relationship does not work out, may reflect badly on your stability and suitability as a good match.

  • List Your Full Birthday

Listing your full birthday is strongly recommended, as age is important to some people. This eliminates waste of time and makes only those who can cope with your age in a relationship to hook up with you.

Start Searching

Since your profile is now ready, you can start searching. Facebook single dating group is a great way of meeting people because it allows you to define your search criteria by interests.

As a woman, you can browse your male friends and vice versa. If you want to narrow your search by religion, then look for names that are common to that religion.

Make A Contact

If you think you can click with that friend, you can add them up. You can start a conversation with an important first sentence or two. You can also talk about activities and other information shared in their profile and ask a question to leave the conversation open for natural response flow.


If you are not comfortable with sending a message, you can look up the friends’ events as Facebook allows you to do this. This can also be a good way of meeting up with the one to hook up with by attending the same event with the person.

Facebook single dating group offers you the platform to meet, click and start a relationship with that significant other that you have been searching for.

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