Facebook Quiet Mood | How to use the Facebook Quiet Mood.

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Description Facebook Quiet Mood

Facebook is one of the largest social media around the world which has lots of engagement going on every minute of the day, and due to its much engagement going on Facebook never seize to bring up new features every now and then.

The new Facebook Quiet Mood is Here 

The Facebook quiet mood has been fixed for users to silent the distractions coming from Facebook instead of deleting or deactivating your Facebook account, you can use the quiet mood to silent all notifications for a period of time until you are ready to make use of it.

The Facebook quiet mood is one new feature that was launched this year 2020 to help users reduce the noise of notifications and messages they get from Facebook.

With the new quiet mood, you have assured peace instead of noise.

This new feature would really help clients to reduce distractions from its account by muting the notifications for as long as they want.

I think this feature is really good to help users engage in other activities and stay away from Facebook distractions also help them to know how they manage their time during the period they were away.

How to turn on your Facebook in Quiet Mood.

Kindly use these steps below to turn on your Facebook’s quiet mood.

How to turn off your Facebook’s Quiet Mood.

Kindly use these steps below to turn off your Facebook’s quiet mood.

With these few steps, you can choose to perform any of the actions either turning ON | OFF the Facebook quiet mood.

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