Facebook Pay Not Working | Facebook Pay Not Available | What To Do?

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Facebook Pay Not Working – Facebook pay is a seamless and secure option to transacting payments online across Facebook and its various owned social media platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger. The Facebook pay tool makes running businesses on Facebook a whole lot easier knowing that Facebook has got your back when it comes to the payment aspect.

A secure means of payment on Facebook means there is no need to conclude a business deal that started on Facebook outside Facebook because of payment means. Purchase commodities on Facebook or any of Facebook-related social networks, create ads, send money and so much more using Facebook pay.

facebook pay not working

All this interesting features and somehow you can’t use it, very frustrating.

Facebook Pay Not Working – Why?

There are not many reasons why this would happen hence this guide will enlist the few causes of this and possible fixes to it. The first and most notable reason Facebook pay doesn’t work would be Facebook Pay is not available.

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Facebook Pay Not Available

This is a very constant issue we keep experiencing with every new feature Facebook releases. Facebook always takes its time in distributing such features around the world. Consequently not all Facebook users will get access to Facebook to pay simultaneously.

It’s also possible to have access to Facebook pay but the person/friend on Facebook whom you are sending money to or requesting money from via Facebook pay does not have access to it. The transaction won’t work.

Facebook pay is only available to 19+ countries across Europe, including the U.S, UK, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, Slovakia, Netherlands, France, Finland, Belgium, Austria, and so on.

Other reasons Facebook pay won’t work could be as a result of technical issues from Facebook. Also, poor internet connection on your device, your friend refuses to comply with your payment prompts, wrong payment method, and so on.

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What to Do if Facebook Pay is Not Working

  • Check if Facebook pay is available and functional in your region.
  • Ensure your device has a strong internet connection. A weak internet connection would not process payments on Facebook pay and if it does would do it slowly.
  • Check the Facebook pay setup details you filled and ensure they are correct.
  • Update your Facebook/Messenger app. Facebook’s new features or releases usually come with an updated version of its app.
  • Troubleshoot your smartphone. i.e Restart your device, delete, and re-install the Facebook/Messenger app.

Given that none of these troubleshooting tips work and you can’t seem to find out what’s going on with Facebook pay, contact Facebook and get answers fast. Click on the link below to learn how to contact Facebook directly and speedily.

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