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Are you looking for a soccer game with quality graphics that is challenging? Then the Facebook messenger dream league soccer 2019 is the game you need to watch. The Facebook messenger dream league soccer 2019 is a game featuring your dream team. This game is a game that allows you to build and manage your football team and take them to victory. On this game, you can buy and sell players and the challenge yourself to win the highest goal scorer, highest goal assist and so much more. The game is not initially Facebook dream league soccer 2019; it is called that by some people in the sense that you can connect it to Facebook.


Features of Facebook Messenger Dream League Soccer 2019

Like we were trying to illustrate earlier, this game has a lot of intriguing feature the fan and non-fans can’t deny. Some of the features of this game are;

  • Multi-player feature.
  • Earn cash via performance.
  • Complete player set up.
  • Player development.
  • Club name editor.
  • Strip editing and player creation. Player creation meaning that you can create your custom player with the right amount and the right time.
  • Cool marketplace for buying and selling of player and so much more.

Also, you get to earn more coins for performing activities on facebook per popup. Plus you get awesome challenges that always tend to keep you busy.

How to Download Dream League Soccer 2019

Now downloading this game can be a bit stressful as you have to make sure you have a minimum of four hundred megabytes both in storage and data plan. To download and play the dream league soccer, then you must make sure that your device is compatible. The dream league soccer game can run on a device with Android version 4.4.2 and higher. All you need do is visit your device Google play store or any app store and search for the dream league soccer app. Install it and launch it. Once you launch it, you will be prompted to download an extra file to called obb for you to access and play the game. Simply download the file and play the game. That’s it.

Connect Facebook Messenger Dream League Soccer 2019 to Facebook

Now launch the game and perform any activity on the game. Wait for a popup displaying the Facebook icon and click on it and complete the process, then you will magically receive coins. It is as easy at that. Now, enjoy the game.

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