Facebook Marketplace Rules for Sellers | Facebook Marketplace Rules for Buyers & Sellers

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Facebook Marketplace Rules for Sellers – Like every other business organization, there are also Facebook Marketplace Rules for Sellers. These rules are put as a measure by Facebook to censor products that are being uploaded for sale on the Facebook Marketplace platform for sale.

According to Facebook, these policies must be adhered to by sellers on the Marketplace platform, in order to avoid Facebook disabling a sellers access to the Marketplace platform.

Facebook Marketplace Rules for Sellers

Facebook Marketplace Rules for Sellers (Things You Can’t Sell On Marketplace)

All items for sale on Facebook must follow the Commerce Policies. The Commerce Policies applies to

  • Marketplace
  • Buy and Sell groups
  • Page shops
  • Instagram shopping.

As a seller, if there are issues with your product next to your listing, it will not be approved because it contravenes Facebook’s Commerce Policies. These policies are;

Not Real Item: Items that are non-physical products like lost and found posts, jokes, and news are not allowed for sale on Marketplace.

Services or events tickets: A service or or event tickets can only be sold on Marketplace with Facebook’s written permission.

Description and photo don’t match: Photos of items posted for sale, must match the description and title of the listing.

Animals: Animals are not allowed for sale on Marketplace or buy or sell groups. This also includes posting about animals or adoption. Bear in mind that it’s okay to create a News Feed post or an ad about selling an animal.

Healthcare: Sale of healthcare-related items are not permitted. (example; thermometers, first aid kits).

Before and after pictures: Items for sale on Facebook, are not allowed to a before and after picture like a photo displaying weight loss.

Facebook, relies on users to report violations of the rules of Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Rules for Sellers Tips

  • Sincerity: Be sincere in your sale offer.
  • Single Thread: You are advised to create only a single thread for a given item or set of items to be sold or traded together. Duplicate threads are a No-no even across different Marketplace subforums.
  • Thread Title: Make use of a short description of the item(s) for sale.
  • Description: Post a full description(s) of the item(s).
  • Price: Post a price that is convenient for both you the seller and the buyer.

How to Know Which Policy Your Product Listing Violates

You may not be able to see the specific reason a listing was removed, but you can learn about most common reasons Marketplace listings are not approved. If the listing goes against the policies, you can delete the listing.

As a seller on the Marketplace platform, once you adhere to these rules, you can be sure that your product listing will be approved and you can be on your way to selling on this unique platform.

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