Facebook Marketplace On PC – Access | Market Place Buy Sell

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Facebook Marketplace On PC – Millions of people spend lots of hours every day on their computer online chatting with one another,  giving rise to a whole lot of people who are interested in your purchasing your product.  A good way to get access to these people is to take advantage of a platform on the popular social media Facebook which is called the Facebook marketplace.

Facebook marketplace on PC is a platform on Facebook social media that give product sellers a means to sell their products to customers who are interested in the product right there within the website or app. Facebook marketplace on PC links up a potential buyer to the seller and they are to negotiate on their own terms and come to an agreement.

Facebook Marketplace On PC - Access | Market Place Buy Sell

How To Get Facebook Marketplace On A PC | Surfing The Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is not an extension of Facebook to be downloaded nor does it have its own website or desktop app, but an inbuilt feature accessible on the Facebook website. Getting access to this marketplace on a PC can be done on any browser with a little knowledge of how to use a PC. The steps to get access to the marketplace are listed below.

  1. Open the Facebook website (www.facebook.com) on your preferred browser and sign in with your email address and password. Then click log in.
  2. On the left sidebar, click the marketplace. You would be taken to the marketplace homepage where you will see a list of different categories offered by the marketplace.
  3. Browse through the list and select your preferred category for the item you would like to purchase.
  4. Click on the item you would like to buy and this will show you more details about the product. Finally click on the ask for details button, to send a message to the seller concerning the product.
  5. You can now message the seller and negotiate on the item’s price and location of delivery.

A lot of products are available in the marketplace.  The means of payment differ and are based on the method the seller decides to use on that product.  If you have a product in mind you can easily get access to it by taking advantage of the search bar provided above. Also, you can include filters to narrow down your search to a smaller list.

Selling On The Facebook Marketplace on PC

You might also have a product or two you would like to sell to other users of the Facebook marketplace.  This gives you the chance to market varieties of products ranging from phones and laptops, phone accessories, clothes and jewelleries and many more. To sell a product, steps 1 and 2 above will be followed, followed by the following steps.

  1. On the marketplace homepage,  click the sell something button located on the left sidebar. It will show a pop-up which you will complete selling your product
  2. Fill the form by entering the essential information like your product’s title, your starting price, the location of the product and also add the category of the product you are selling.
  3. Finally, add images of your product by clicking on the image icon below. You can also add a description of the product as this is optional.

You are good to go. Click post and your product is up for purchase. Sit back and wait for your seller to send you a message. Selling a product on the Facebook marketplace is this easy and straightforward, and could be done in a few minutes. A list of all your products can be found on the selling page of the marketplace.

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