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Are you looking for where to catch fun? Then perhaps I can suggest that you use Facebook instant games. Facebook yes, is so addictive and amazing as you can chat and relate to individuals from different part of the world.

But the Facebook instant games platform being introduced to Facebook makes it a whole lot more addictive and fun. With this platform, you can easily catch fun of all sorts and equally pour out your anger. However, to access and use this feature, you need to have a Facebook account first.

facebook instant games

Create a Facebook account

There are different ways and medium of which you can create a Facebook account. You can easily create a Facebook account by using the Facebook official app, the Facebook messenger app or the official Facebook website. To create an account;

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  • Visit the official Facebook platform and click on the icon indicating you should join for free.
  • On the webpage of which you are redirected to enter the information you are asked into the specified boxes.
  • Click on next or continue depending on the device you are using.
  • Now enter your contact information such as your address and phone number.
  • Confirm the details by completing the challenge you are given and you will be successfully log in your Facebook account and locate your news feed.

That is it. You can now use the gaming platform Facebook offers and catch fun.

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Use Facebook Instant Games

There are commonly two ways currently know of which you can use the Facebook instant gaming platform. These steps are via the Facebook messenger app or the official Facebook website on the web. To use this platform on the messenger app, launch the app ad login to your Facebook account. Click on the discover icon and you should start seeing a list of games. If you do not find a list of games, you can search for any game you wish to play and start getting results and info if it is on the Facebook gaming platform.

To do this on the official Facebook website on the web, visit the official Facebook website and login your account. On any of the pages you are redirected to, locate by the left navigation pane the game’s icon. If yo do not find it right away, you can click on the see more icon to find it. Once you click on it you well be automatically be taken to the Facebook instant games webpage. However, you must note that this process might not be possible on mobile devices.

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