Facebook Dating Europe | Dating In Facebook App In Europe

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Facebook dating is finally in Europe and as expected this dating feature is going to blow you away and give you a reason or two to stop using the likes of Tinder and the rest. Facebook dating was first released in September 2019 and has pretty much amassed a lot of users since then.

Over 1.5 billion matches have been created since its release in over 20 countries. The dating software was meant to be released earlier this year on the 13th of February but was delayed due to a whole lot of privacy concerns.

facebook dating europe

Finally, the wait is over, and countries in Europe have joined the list of countries Facebook dating is available in.

How to Access Facebook Dating In Europe

 The Facebook dating app or feature can be found in the Facebook app. It’s not a stand-alone app as it is integrated into the Facebook app.

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To use this app, you need to understand the basic tips listed below;

  • You must be 18 years or older to access Facebook dating. This is talking about the age on your Facebook profile derived from the date of birth you filled while creating your Facebook account.
  • The Facebook app on your device must be updated.
  • Facebook dating must be available in your region.

Meet these conditions, connect your device to the web, and open the Facebook app on your device. Then tap on the ellipsis (Facebook hamburger menu or three lines menu). Keep scrolling on the menu till you come across a tab named “Dating”, then click on it or “See More”> “Dating”.

Facebook Dating In Europe

Facebook Dating Europe functions the same way it does in all other countries it’s been previously launched. You start by creating a Facebook dating profile that is different from your main Facebook profile. However, some info from your main Facebook account might be used in setting up your dating profile.

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You can share your Facebook or Instagram stories to your dating profile and there is also the secret crush feature; that lets you add up to 9 people from your Facebook friends or Instagram followers to a list of people you have a crush on. Matching becomes easier if by chance one of the people on your list also has you on their secret crush list.

Matches can also be created based on the details you provided while creating your profile. Furthermore, based on your activities in Facebook groups and events given that you apply the settings.

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