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Some users already know where to find this service. The Facebook customer service can as well be referred to as the Facebook help center. The Facebook help center is designed to basically help those who need external assistance concerning Facebook. It is more like a blog page on Facebook.

The Facebook help center has different categories sorted out to help you locate your area of need. The Facebook help center is totally different from the Facebook help community and the ads help center, so it may be true that they perform similar functions but it doesn’t make them the same.

facebook customer care

Facebook Customer Service Homepage

It may also interest you what you can find on this page as it is more like a blog. On the Facebook home page, you would see different navigation menus. The Facebook help center has the regular blue color as it is the traditional Facebook color.

On opening the Facebook help center page, you would find popular questions asked on Facebook like “what names are allowed on Facebook?”, “how do I choose what I get notifications about on Facebook?”, “where can I find my Facebook settings?”, “how do I change or reset my Facebook password?”, “why am I seeing an error message saying I can’t reply to a conversation on Facebook?”.

If you can see these questions on a blue background, it means you are on the Facebook help center home page. When you scroll down on this page which is the Facebook customer service page, you would see some popular topics about your profile and settings.

Facebook customer service tabs

This is an important part of this page because of the flexibility it brings when navigating through. On the top of the page, you would see different menu options like “using Facebook”, “managing your account”, “privacy and safety” and all others. On hovering on each of the tabs a new list would appear for you to choose what you want to know. For instance, when you hover on “Using Facebook” new options like “Creating an account”, “Friending”, “your home page” and many others would appear.

How to access the Facebook customer service – Facebook help center

Being a customer service doesn’t really mean it would be a land line or a contact number. It is a blog page on the Facebook platform made officially by Facebook to help users with their needs. This page can be accessed if you have a facebook account or not. To access the Facebook customer service on the web, open your web browser and follow this link (https://www.facebook.com/help/).

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