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Facebook Buy Sell Trade- Facebook is a popular social network which is worldwide primary for the social services it renders in helping us stay in touch with friends and family. However, Facebook is now seen at a place where users can buy, sell or trade several items. One major feature Facebook used to step up their game and pose a serious competition to big online marketing platform eBay is the introduction of its buy, sell and trade platform, Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Buy Sell Trade

Before the marketplace came in as a feature of Facebook, there was already buying and selling in group chats. But with the aid of the Facebook Marketplace, selling of items is more efficient as your items get to the visuals of your users that are close to or within your location while buying of items is easily done because the interface has been made easy to use.

Facebook buy, sell, trade groups and Facebook Marketplace are all popular places on Facebook that business takes place. Old and new items can be bought and sold on the Facebook Marketplace when you access the Facebook marketplace. However, before you can access the Facebook marketplace you must have an account on Facebook.

Rules To Buy, Sell Or Trade On Facebook Marketplace

Obviously, in a group where you buy and sell items, there has to be a guide and rules to help regulate how things work on the Marketplace. Here are some rules of the Facebook Marketplace;

  • Products and services such as alcohol, hard drugs etc are not put on sale.
  • Only physical products or items sell on Facebook  Marketplace.
  • Transformation photos are highly prohibited, photos taken should be the current status of the item up for sale
  • The images of the items or product must match the description written on it.

These above mentioned rules are important and should be followed in order to have a successful sale credibility on the Facebook Marketplace.

How To Access Buy Sell Trade On Facebook Marketplace

Below are some steps that should follow in order to access the buy sell trade on Facebook Marketplace;

  1. Login to your Facebook account at www.facebook.com
  2. Click the Marketplace icon located on the left hand side of your news feed.
  3. Then proceed to click on “Sell Something”
  4. List the item you want to put for sale, with detailed descriptions and photos of the item for sale.
  5. However, to buy an item from the buy-sell-trade on Facebook Marketplace or groups, click the shop button or search the item at the top of the page.

Facebook buy, sell or trade groups or Marketplace are an amazing way to make extra cash at your convenience just with the use of your mobile phones or personal computer. The good part of it is that literally anything sells.

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