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Facebook Ads Coupon “Free advertising, are you kidding?”

With the complexity of internet advertising, a promise of free advertisement with the social network giant raises suspicion in the least.

Originally, “Advertising coupon” is a method of making payment for your Facebook ads. You can redeem it for advertising on Facebook and /or Instagram, based on the kind of coupon.”

facebook ads coupon

Facebook Ads Coupon

You see, nothing fishy or illegitimate as you may have been warned. Though getting your hands on a free Facebook ad coupon is no longer as easy as it used to be, but it is still possible.

Why Free Coupons

Big companies like Facebook usually seeks for ways to support and encourage small business owners to advertising on their platform. One of the ways they achieve this is by running promotions in which they offer free advertising credit to draw people in.

Companies like Google, Bing, and Yahoo still make these coupons very readily available, but Facebook no longer is in that space. It’s even highly unlikely that you’ll pick up a completely free Facebook ad coupon these days. Facebook Ads coupon are hard to come by nowadays.

The scarcity is as a result of Facebook restricting third-party companies’ access to free advertising coupons since mid-2015.

How To Get Facebook Ads Coupons.

When Facebook was launching its ads platform way back, they were so enthusiastically dishing out ads coupons to attract customers. Now, not so much.

Though in 2015, Facebook halted ads coupon giveaway, there are a couple of persons who have obtained same recently with little stress.

Let’s now discuss ways of obtaining Facebook Ads coupon today, what you need to know and how to go about it.

Facebook Ads Coupon Today: same old motive

Facebook still runs promotions to silently encourage website owners, business owners and bloggers to try out ads on their platforms. This, as it has always been is used as a bait. They let you test this in the hope that you will notice the financial benefit accrued from advertising with them and continue by investing your own money on their platforms.

You, like the millions around the world who constantly search for “Facebook Ad Coupons” or “Free Facebook Ad Coupons” will discover results promising your query. But shortly down the line you’ll discover their plot in play as they, ever so subtly  will try and sell you something else.

Here are some genuine methods to Get Free Facebook Ads Coupon:

1. There’s been records of Facebook reaching out in a semi-random manner with some coupon when you set up a new ad manager account. Not every time but, who knows, you can be lucky.

2. You can also receive a Facebook ad coupon by attending one of their live events.

3. Keep an eye out for an ad-style post which sometimes appears at the top of your business Facebook page or fan page. It’s one of the most popular methods.


Yes, It’s definitely difficult to obtain a free Facebook ad coupons these days, but look at it this way, its even considerably inexpensive advertising your business on Facebook  compared to more traditional forms of advertising.

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