Electric Flying Pod Racer Ready to Show the World a New Era of Motorsport

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On the off chance that Airspeeder’s time and difficult work pays off, it will maybe show the world the fate of dashing. What’s more, that hustling will occur in the sky. On Wednesday, the organization uncovered its Airspeeder Mk3 air unit racer. It’s not actually a flying vehicle, however the organization brands it as one. By and by, it looks appropriately wild and could demonstrate perfect later on.

Electric flying pod racer ready to show the world a new era of motorsport

At the present time, it’s an automated vehicle that groups can handle distantly, yet Airspeeder needs this model to prepare for monitored forms later on. That work begins this year as a dashing arrangement commences in Australia with an undisclosed number of groups getting spec vehicles for hustling. One year from now, the organization needs to place people in them.

At this moment, the machines are fit for flying at 75 mph, however, it’s not satisfactory on the off chance that they’ll go considerably quicker in the Mk4 structure – that is, the monitored adaptation. What’s way cooler is the idea of the arrangement’s “fast refueling breaks,” which incorporate a lock and slide system for racers (pilots?) to land and have a pit group trade out batteries rapidly. It sounds much in a way that is better than Formula E’s initial days, where drivers would trade vehicles. Batteries simply aren’t prepared for extensive meetings on full courses.

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