Cyber Monday Deals 2020 | Where to Find Cyber Monday 2020 Sales

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What is Cyber Monday and how do you get the best deals in 2020?

Also known as Blue Monday is a marketing strategy by retailers to facilitate and encourage people to shop online. It usually comes up on Monday that follows thanksgiving, this term is one of the biggest online shopping days worldwide.

Its date always falls between late November and early December precisely November 26th to the 2nd day of December. Last year was on the 2nd of December and it was a day to remember in the history of online sales.

cyber monday deals 2020

Think of it as black Friday just this one supports only online sales

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When is 2020’s Cyber Monday?

It’s already here. Last year was on the 2nd of December, thankfully we don’t have to wait that long as this year’s Cyber Monday comes a few days after black Friday.

Cyber Monday 2020 is on the 30th of November following black Friday which will be on the 27th of November. While you go store shopping for black Friday deals, keep in mind that the fun doesn’t end there as Cyber Monday has always pushed online retailers to bring up the best online deals possible.

Where to Find Cyber Monday Deals?

The answer is quite straightforward. Any retailer that supports online sales; just go up to their website on the proposed cyber Monday and you would find deals that will blow you away.

However, most online stores are bound to kick-off Cyber Monday before the 30th of November. Cyber Monday deals might start to appear as early as the week that precedes its designated date but this is also very unlikely as most stores are focusing more on black Friday now than ever.

Almost every store is bent on getting the best out of the black Friday but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ones already throwing in cyber Monday deals. The trick is to keep your ears up and check out big retail stores like Amazon, Walmart, BestBuy, Target, and so on.

One thing you can be sure of is that the deals can’t pass you by given you are clear about the date. Cyber Monday is one of the best ways for small online retail stores to draw in customers and compete against giants in their line of business so every online store is going to key in on this one.

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Should I Forego Black Friday For Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday deals are as good as black Friday deals; technically, most Black Friday deals do not get better than they are already not even on a cyber Monday. Yes, it’s possible you get better deals on Cyber Monday but the odds are very low.

A large percent of cyber Monday deals are leftovers from black Friday. One thing you can be sure of is that black Friday got all the new hot deals, it’s very rare to see new deals on Cyber Monday especially when it comes up just after black Friday.

All in all, Cyber Monday deals work well with electronics and little items or wares. Personally, I think of it more like a source of redemption for those who missed out on Black Friday deals.    

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