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Create Facebook Avatar – Facebook avatar is the latest and most appreciated trend on Facebook as users are looking to create a Facebook avatar. The Facebook avatar is the human-looking animated images all around Facebook, you must have come across some of them on your Facebook wall or on people’s profile photo.

When creating a Facebook avatar, you could decide to create it in your own image. If it also pleases you an image you like or prefer. It just all about how imaginative you are.

create facebook avatar

Why Create A Facebook Avatar?

When you create a Facebook avatar, Facebook allows you to share your work with the Facebook community in different ways. Yes, by posting it to your status or story, your Facebook friends get to witness your beautiful work.

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But also Facebook avatars can be used as stickers on Facebook. Facebook said that the avatars would change how we communicate on its platforms. Instead of the words or the normal emojis we send to each other, avatars could be a more fun way.

Avatars on Facebook could be used to message people on messenger or reply to comments on Facebook. Immediately you create a Facebook avatar, it is deployed to your emoji/sticker menu.

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Creating a Facebook Avatar

Facebook avatar is created by an app inside the Facebook app I’d like to call the Facebook avatar maker or creator. The Facebook avatar maker is an in feature of the Facebook app making it easy for users to create Facebook avatars.

There is no third party external app like Bitmoji or Memoji used in creating the Facebook avatar. The Facebook avatar maker can be accessed through the latest version of the Facebook app.

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Hence, to access this feature, you must have a Facebook account and must have updated the Facebook app on your device.

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How to Find the Facebook Avatar Maker

  • Update your Facebook app and then open it.
  • Sign in to Your Facebook account.
  • Tap on the three-line icon at the top right corner.
  • Scroll down and tap on “See More”.
  • Next Select “Avatars”. Tap on “Next” and follow the onscreen prompts which will direct you to the Facebook avatar creator page.

Designing My Facebook Avatar

Now it’s time to create and customize your Facebook avatar. If you want an avatar like you and you do need to see yourself while creating your avatar, locate and click on the mirror icon.

Doing this will open your device front or selfie camera, hence you will be able to see yourself while creating your avatar.

  • You are going to start with the avatar’s skin color, select one.
  • Next, choose its hairstyle.
  • Edit its Face shape and looks by adjusting the Face lines and complexion.
  • Touch all parts of its face from the eyes, nose to the mouth including its facial air.
  • Edit its body shape and then do all final touchings.
  • Review the avatar and then clothe it.
  • If you are satisfied with the avatar look, click on the checkmark button to save it.
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To access your Facebook avatar, follow the same steps to find the Facebook avatar creator. All your created avatars will be stored here.

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