Cloner CC Review | 220% ROI or Another Crypto Rip Off?

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The Cloner CC website is one of the worst worded you could come across in Defi space. Yet, the same site mentions Binance, Bitfinex, Kraken, Huobi, Liquid, Bittrex, and several others in its Our Partners category. If it’s not a poser, it must be an excellent crypto broker. But we’ll get to this part.

Cloner CC Review

So, what does the company do? As our Cloner CC Review finds on the website, the platform is working on Technologies of the Future.

Our goal is to create a platform for both creators and investors interested in the technologies of the future. 

But just one line above the clip is a precise descriptor of what Cloner LTD does. It says that the company is a team of crypto professionals, finishing the specialist galore regarding Smart Contract. Smart Contract is the focus here. Also, the site mentions other earning options as Clontoken, Clone Bounty, Task System Earning (newly-launched), Investment Program, etc.

At a glance, the core advantages of dealing with Cloner CC include:

  • Fast Income _ allows you to cash out instantly.
  • Interest Growth _ ensures your accruals increases daily.
  • Customer Support
  • Partnership

Web Security _ incidentally doesn’t replace a safe lock for any quid in the care of Cloner CC. And lastly,

Proof of Registration in the UK. The last bit supposedly vouches for the security of investing with Cloner CC. But he would be a slipshod investor who takes office registration as proof of insurance. Regardless, the company promoters publish a deposit volume of $105,525.00 and corresponding withdrawals.

As mentioned previously in this Cloner CC Review, Task Earning System is a recent development on the platform. It awards you an instant bonus for doing specific tasks and pays you profits on a threshold ETH deposit. But on the whole, the affiliate system is not so elaborate as most MLM companies. See the following part of this Cloner CC Review for more details.

Affiliate Program

Here, you can earn passively on three referral levels (downlines). Cloner CC typically forwards referral commissions the instant someone joins the company.

But that may not be all. There might be a treat for some clients as Cloner CC gives special affiliate programs on request. Below is how it works.

  • 1 Level _ pays 5% bonus
  • 2 Level _ pays 2% bonus
  • 3 Level _ earns you a 1% bonus when for every recruit in your downline.

Moreover, this Cloner CC Review finds that the company accepts payments in bitcoin, ethereum, dodgecoin, Litecoin, Dash, Tron, Tether, etc. Deposits are predominantly made in Perfect Money or fiat. Cloner CC does not elaborate on the affiliate compensation structure on its website. However, it assures investors of a complete multi-level earning frame. That pins Cloner CC to the MLM niche.

The following section of this Cloner CC Review explains the regulation side of crypto brokerage in Cloner CC.

Security Protection

Since the company does not publish any evidence of regulation, it offers SSL-DDOS and its office location, perhaps as tokens of good faith. But that will not be enough.

If an algorithm, like Cloner CC Smart Contract, pays 220% ROIs to investors, it requires a regulation. This is something that web security cannot offer. Without a regulator, Cloner CC investors could buy potentially fraudulent securities shrouded in crypto buzz words. 

Why does this Cloner CC Review think a regulator is necessary? Because it covers forward-looking oddities like disabled withdrawals. With a regulator in place, the clients can sue for indemnities.

Contrarily, if you stake out for the short period of profits in MLM often, continue with this one. Before long, you will have gone one step too far if your unregulated broker pulls a fast one before you can cash out. It only takes time, as it has precedence.

Moreover, this Cloner CC Review does not find any evidence of Smart Contracts on the Cloner CC website. Publishing deposit volumes without a corresponding trade stat make an MLM of so-called Smart Contract brokers.

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