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Have you heard of the new delivery company in Paris? It is the cajoo delivery service that has raised funds of about $7.3 million. The aim and goal of the cajoo delivery is to make purchase of groceries easier for everyone by using a mobile device and also receive them in 15minutes after purchase.

In his lunching preference, he said ‘I left bolt in august and right now I’m launching a company with two other co-founders and the purpose of this is to make delivery in 15 minutes ‘. With his experience and operation in bolt, he should be able to know the marketplace scale.

Cajoo to Deliver Groceries in 15 Minutes

He also recognizes the two co-founders‘ Guillaume Luscan and Jeremy Gotteland. Both individuals gave their full support of this new delivery company.

Looking at cajoo service and other delivery services, there would be a much different from its operation which is the peculiarity in delivery. other service delivery in an inter of a day or two when you purchase a groceries from a website or app but with cajoo delivery service you can make orders of your groceries and get it in the next 15 minutes of purchase.

As people make complains of late in delivery, some other stores are working hard to meet up with time which can make delivery done in 30 minutes, an hour or two hours to receive your item. But so many people are still not satisfied with the timing. They want their goods in a twinkle of an eye just right before them and that is why cajoo has come up with its own strategy of doing deliveries.

Cajoo startup would be much different from others and would be operating from its own micro fulfillment centers. Cajoo would be having its own inventory of products and will as well be managing the lots of deliveries from people. Therefore in other to keep up with the new standard cajoo would be selling directly to customers to help enhance deliveries in 15 minutes.

Cajoo delivery would be lunching today in Paris.

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