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Healthiest fruit

Healthiest fruits – Fruits are a very important component of life. They are a source of various essential vitamins and minerals, which body components which is needed on a daily basis. They are antioxidants that are responsible for the proper functioning of the heart and other body organs.

They have important health functions which cannot be written off. Note that the best way to take fruits is on an empty stomach preferably first thing in the morning after taking about 2 glasses of water. They tend to function better because the system is not fully occupied with heavy food.

List of the 15 Proven Healthiest Fruits and There Benefits;

Here are the proven 15 Healthiest fruits in the world. However, all other fruits are important and also have their functions in the body.  But these ones are responsible for the general upkeep of the body.

  1. Peaches;  contains essential mineral materials that boost up the muscle cells and even the nerves. Peaches add the sweetness of good quality to the meal. They contain antioxidants which provide a lot of health benefits, making it one the healthiest fruits in the world.
  2. Kiwifruits; kiwifruits are very low in calories and high in vitamins precisely the vitamin C and E. kiwifruit have other health benefits such as the protection of the eyes, etc. They are an ideal fruit for weight loss.
  3. Banana;  this fruit is rich in potassium and fiber, no salt or fat content which provides energy for the day. It is very healthy and good as a weight loss fruit. You can Store in the refrigerator for a week forgetting about the color of the peel and enjoy.
  4. Pineapple;  is not just one of the healthiest fruits, but also one the most popular fruits in the world. Pineapple is a powerful anti-inflammatory fruit which contains an enzyme called bromelain which increases fertility and reduces stroke. Research also says it is the healthiest fruit for the prevention of cancer and tumor such as fibroid, abscess, etc. Rich in vitamins and manganese.
  5. Grapes;  another healthy citrus fruit with lots of minerals, fiber, potassium, and vitamins especially the vitamin C even more than the oranges. It repairs lost hair and damaged skin. It reduces the level of cholesterol in the body. Apart from all these benefits, it is well known for its weight loss effect. The purple one gives more of the health benefits of grape.

     It is possible for some of you not to be lovers of some fruits mentioned above, but below are more varieties of fruits that make up these list of healthiest fruits list.

  6. Apple;  is filled with a powerful antioxidant called quercetin, which prevents the brain cells from being worn out and pectin which aids in proper digestion and metabolism. The importance can’t be overemphasized. The skin is rich in fighting the risk of heart disease. It lowers blood pressure as well as cholesterol level. It’s also a weight losing It reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.
  7. Mangoes;  are rich in vitamin A which the body converts from beta-carotene which keeps the body healthy. They also contain vitamin C which improves the immunity of the body. They have excellent health content such as the fiber and the body benefits a lot as there is a reduced sugar level. which ranks it as one of the healthiest fruit on the globe.
  8. Blueberries;  has a good level of antioxidants and vitamin C which fights diseases especially the acute illness such as diabetes, etc. and improves the mental strength especially in adults who tend to forget easily and they are simply amazing healthy fruits.
  9. Strawberry:  They are rich in contents such as manganese, vitamin c like many berries, rich in potassium which helps to reduce the rate of sudden illness. Studies show that they reduce the rate of abnormal growth.
  10. Pawpaw;  also known as Papaya, is a fruit tree native to the South America. Pawpaw is rich in vitamins A and C. it contains Lycopene which is also present in watermelon, an antioxidant which is responsible for the treatment of cancer. It aids in body metabolism especially in the digestion if protein because if the presence of an enzyme called papain.
  11. Cherries;  A red cherry is one of my favorite fruit that I don’t joke with. After a long day at work, eating this helps a lot. It contains melatonin which is a hormone responsible for stimulating sleep and its quality especially in cases of sleeplessness like insomnia. It’s very healthy and prevents quick illnesses.
  12. Guava;  are tropical yellowish fruit, 1¼ – 2 inches in size with a good nutritional record which contains vitamins, manganese, copper, fiber, potassium and the list continues. They protect the body cells thereby reducing acute illness.
  13. Oranges;  serves a very important and common citrus fruit that contains vitamin B, C, and potassium. The citric acid in this fruit reduces the presence of kidney stones in the kidney. They prevent anemia- which is the condition where the blood cannot transport oxygen.
  14. Blackberries;  contains fiber, minerals, vitamins C, K. They are very small in size and they prevent the blockage of the blood vessels which reduces the rate of heart-related disease including other acute illness.
  15. Olives; is one healthiest fruit with enormous antioxidants which contain copper, iron, potassium prevents liver inflammation and other liver diseases as well as heart disease. The presence of oleic acid provides several health benefits such as the lower risk of osteoporosis which is a disease that makes the nine porous and can further in causing fracture especially during menopause in women.

                So take advantage of these Healthiest fruits and see yourself living the Life you desire!

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