YouTube Subscribers | All You Need To Know AboutYouTube Subscribers

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YouTube Subscribers are individuals who subscribe to a particular video channel for a fee. These subscribers can be private or public depending on what they want you to see. Subscribing to a YouTube video channel, enables you to get recent updates on the channels most current offerings on your device.

YouTube Subscribers

How to See Your Recent YouTube Subscribers

You can view a list of your channel’s 100 most recent subscribers in YouTube Studio beta. The list only displays subscribers who have chosen to make their subscription public. At first, when a user joins YouTube, their subscriptions list is set to private by default.

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View Your List of Recent Subscribers

  • Log into YouTube Studio beta
  • On the Dashboard, search for the “Recent subscribers” card
  • Tap “See more” to expand the card.

Which YouTube Subscribers Are Shown?

Subscribers only appear on your recent subscriber’s list if:

  • They decide to make their subscription public
  • They subscribed to your channel in the last 28 days.

Which YouTube Subscribers Are Not Shown?

Subscribers may not appear on your recent subscriber’s list if:

  • They decide to make their subscription private.
  • Their account is suspended or identified as spam.

How Does YouTube Count Subscribers?

YouTube regularly verifies the legitimacy of the accounts that are subscribed to your YouTube channel. This is part of a process geared towards ensuring that the YouTube site metrics are devoid of spam and abuse and keeps YouTube as a fair playing field for all.

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Do all of my videos show up in my subscribers’ Subscription feeds?

Normally, every video you publish as a creator pops up in your subscribers’ Subscription feeds by default. Howbeit, there’s an advanced setting you can make use of when publishing a video to stop it from showing in any Subscription feeds. Some creators who publish daily videos, use setting to strategically display only certain videos in the Subscription feed.

When you upload a video, YouTube publishes it to the Subscription feed as fast as possible. Normally, it should take just a few minutes or less.

Why your videos may not show up in your subscribers’ Subs feed

If your videos are not showing up in your subscribers’ Subs feed, it might be because of any of these two reasons;

  • It may be that the subscriber has subscribed to lots of other channels, thus making it difficult for him/her to spot your video from the dozens or hundreds of other subscription videos. If the channels they’ve subscribed to post very frequently, it’s possible that older videos may not show up in the Subscriptions feed.
  • It is pertinent to note that although all videos show in the Subscriptions feed, they don’t all show in the Home tab. The Home tab displays videos that YouTube thinks you as a viewer is most interested in watching at the moment. There’s no guarantee that videos from your subscription will be displayed there.
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Businesses and brands can make the most of their subscribers on their YouTube channel for their overall gain.

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