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Web2PDFconvert is a website that allows you to easily convert web pages into downloadable, as well as printable, PDF files.

The site is simple to use. Not to mention it is free and you can get your PDF in a matter of seconds!

Web2PDFconvert Review

Web2PDF Features

There are a few features that make web2PDF stand out. Here are the primary features of the web2PDF site:

  • Can be used on Internet Explorer, as well as Firefox and Google Chrome. All in all, whatever browser you want to use!
  • Downloadable PDF’s
  • Convert to JPG, as well as Convert to PNG options
  • You can send in the URL to submit@web2PDFconvert.com to get an email response with a PDF file attached
  • User-friendly, one-click use
  • Word to PDF, as well as PDF to Word and PDF to Excel options
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How to make use of web2pdfconvert?

Using web2PDFconvert is extremely simple. There are a few steps to download and access your PDF, as well as simple instructions on how to use it!

  • Go to web2PDFconvert.com
  • Enter the URL you would like to convert into the “Convert Web Page to PDF” toolbar
  • Click on “Convert to PDF”
  • You can then select “Download PDF File”, as well as “View in Google Docs”, and “Store and Share PDF Online”.
  • You can choose to customize your PDF file by choosing the “Options” (the small wrench icon). This allows you to select the quality and size of the PDF image, as well as page orientation, document margins, and other compression and password options.
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Web2PDF Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Lots of options to view, as well as download PDF files
  • Extra tools and features
  • Can be used on any browser

Web2PDF Cons

  • Only a few file conversion options
  • Used to be available as a browser extension, however not anymore
  • Need To Sign in to create an account for further features

Is web2pdfconvert Free?

Yes, web2PDFconvert is free to use.

Does web2pdfconvert let you download the PDF directly?

Web2PDFconvert does allow you to download the PDF file directly. You can also choose to view the file in Google Docs, as well as store and share it online.

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How long does it take to convert?

The PDF conversion takes a matter of seconds. If it takes longer than a minute, try reloading the page, as well as re-entering your URL.

Is web2pdfconvert safe to use on my computer?

As web2PDFconvert is a stand-alone website, it won’t harm your computer. However, when downloading files off of the internet, it is best to be cautious of what you are actually downloading.

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