Pornhub Introduces a Third Licensed Party to Verify Identities on Contents Uploaded | Pornhub.

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Pornhub Introduces a Third Licensed Party- Pornhub has prevented uploads and downloads of contents from unlicensed sources almost after the published report of the New York Times which was in December, accusing it of uploads of illegal content.

At this point, Pornhub introduces a third licensed party called Yoti to verify the identities of users downloading videos and uploading content. As a stage for getting to their aim, Pornhub has eventually wiped off all unverified user’s contents and videos and would only allow uploads by members of its Model Program, namely studio partners and all verified users.

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Pornhub Introduces a Third Party Content Upload Process

It is now known that anyone who wants to join Pornhub will have to verify their identities through Yoti. This is done by submitting a current photograph of an applicant and a government-approved ID for processing.

This Yoti, which is a London-based company has in its duty to ensure that the identity photo matches its corresponding government-approved ID using the software for face recognition. It then encrypts the information such that Pornhub itself won’t be able to see it anymore.

On a new informant, Pornhub has recently launched a Trusted Flagger Program. This program gives selected organizations dedicated to child safety on the internet the power to flag anything they think violates the website’s Terms of Service. Immediately after spotting such illegal contents, it will be disabled to prevent their spread as soon as possible.

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With these new improvements and changes, it has now become so clear that the users of Pornhub can enjoy access to activities without bothering about their safety.

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