Fri. Jun 25th, 2021
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How to Use Facebook Dating – Facebook has always been about building a better relationship by improving our level of communication. Now there is a Facebook dating feature and it promises to amplify the communication levels on Facebook.

Yeah, it might seem weird going around and shooting shots on Facebook friends and that, Facebook took note of. So they made the Facebook dating feature to work independently of Facebook. This way you get to create a different account for Facebook dating that none of your Facebook friends will know of.

how to use facebook dating

How to Get to Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is incorporated into the Facebook site, there is no separate Facebook app as most people imply. Getting to Facebook Dating is easy given the dating feature is available in your region and you are 18 years of age or older.

Facebook Dating was not released to all parts of the world at once and even till now, it’s not available to some places. To find Facebook dating;

  • Update the Facebook app on your device and open it.
  • Get to the Hamburger menu at the top right corner.
  • Locate and click on a tab tagged “Dating”. Can’t find it? Scroll down and click on “See More” then select “Dating”.
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After selecting Dating, you will be redirected to a new page where you would have to tap on “Get Started” to begin your dating experience on Facebook.

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Facebook Dating Profile

Once you’ve clicked on “Get Started”, Facebook Dating will prompt you to start creating a dating account by directing you to fill out different information fields. Information such as names, gender, age, preferences, location, and so on. You would also have to upload a very good picture of yourself.

Facebook then sets-up a Dating profile for you which you can edit by adding posts and photos and changing any other setting you’d like to. You could decide to add your Instagram posts to your Facebook dating profile or check in to Events and Groups to find dating match by yourself.

Facebook Matching

After a while of creating your Facebook dating Profile, Facebook algorithms will begin to suggest different dating matches to you. If you like a match, click on the heart icon on their dating feed.

Not to worry, Facebook algorithms would never suggest your Facebook friends to you as no one would know of your dating activities on Facebook except whoever you choose to inform. To begin a conversation with any of your matches, tap on their profile picture and a message tab will appear.

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You could visit the Menu and tap on “Suggestions From Your Events” or “Suggestions From Your Groups” to find possible matches. Select an Event or Group, toggle the button beside the selected group or event, and tap on “See Suggested Matches”.

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Facebook Dating Secret Crush

While exploring Facebook dating for a potential match, you are bound to find someone you like. The thing is Facebook dating doesn’t just allow you to go about messaging dating profiles around. There has to be a match first.

So if you do find someone you like, while not add the person to your “Secret Crush” list. You can add up to 9 of your Facebook friends or Instagram followers to this list. This will prompt Facebook dating to notify your chosen crush of your desires only through their Facebook dating accounts.

Consequently, if the feeling is mutual and your crush also adds you to his/her secret crush list, then Facebook dating notifies both of you that you have a crush on each other. Then a match could occur and a spark could be kindled.

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How to Add Someone to Your Secret Crush List

Visit the Facebook Dating Menu and select “Go to Secret Crush”. Then tap on “Got It”. Locate the “+” icon and hit on it. Proceed to find your crush by searching by name or suggestions and use the plus sign to add them to your secret crush list.

Facebook Dating Found a Date

If your Facebook dating experience goes well and you do finally find someone, there will come a time when you’d need to meet your date. It’s no hard thing, just be yourself or the person whom you’ve been while chatting with your date all this while.

On a first time date with someone you’ve only met online, you should share the details of the date with your live location feature with a friend on Facebook Messenger.  

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