Hill Climb Racing Game Play Online

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Hill Climb Racing Game – The hill climbing game is one of the funniest and the same time the most fun-filled game. This game is played by thousands of people. This game was developed and published by the finger soft company.

Hill Climb Racing Game is a 2D graphics game that has been downloaded and played by over one hundred million people worldwide. This is just to show you the extent to which the game has gone since inception. The hill climb racing game is also a multiplayer game which implies that it can be played by two people on two different screens.

Hill Climb Racing Game

Although Hill climb game isn’t really much judging from its graphics, but like I said before it is fun filled. Users don’t really care about the graphics; all they care about is the fun of the game.

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Hill Climbs Racing Game Objectives

The main objective of Hill Climb Racing Game is to collect as many coins as possible when driving through the racing stages. While playing the Hill racing game, the driving consumes a lot of gas or battery if you use electric powered vehicles.

Players playing this game are liable to death in different ways you cannot even imagine. For instance a player can die by running out of gas or by hitting their head on the ground. These are only a few things that make this game more interesting.

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The hill climbing game also has a Facebook page where all the fans of this game can willingly upload videos of them playing the game. Every user posting updates about the game is eligible to win a prize on Wednesdays when the results for the week are out.

Hill Climb Racing Game Garage

The hill climb racing garage is one of the new features that was introduced in the version 1.31.0. The garage allows users to customize their own vehicles in the interface of the game. In this version, gems were also introduced as another form of currency in this game. Theses gems can be bought with real money or you can pick up some on racing tracks.

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How to Play Hill Climb Racing

The hill climb racing game can be downloaded from a series of websites online. You can even download this game from your device play sore. If your phone is not supported in the play store, follow these procedures to play it online.

  • Follow this URL http://www.cargames.com/Hill-Climb-Racing.
  • When the page loads, click on play now.
  • Wait for the game to load and click the green load button.

Once this is done, you would be asked to select your vehicle, when you do your game would automatically start.

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