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Facebook Single Moms is a dating site built for single moms who desire partners and single dad’s who are looking to find single mom’s. It supports the community of single moms and their children with valuable resources on education, housing, legal information, help with basic needs, prescription drugs, and health care programs and much more.

Facebook Single Moms

Facebook Single Dating – Dating Single Men and Women 

About Facebook Single Moms

It is a group that offers an easy avenue of joining a group, that connects thousands of single moms and dads in your area. Here, you can create your own profile, upload a photo and find someone to connect with and share similar interests instantly.

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The group encourages single mother’s to love what they have and know that a man who truly loves you, will see your child as a part of you to love, and not just a woman with another man’s child.

Women who raise kids alone need to be supported, need love and lots of help, which is why Facebook single moms have been designed to help single moms know that they are other women out there feeling the same way, which makes these women feel empowered and know that they are not alone in this.

Facebook Single Moms Benefits

  • It is a group that exists to help you find someone special for you and your children.
  • The groups shares other single moms experience (with permission) to show support and encourage other women who are walking this lonely road alone.
  • This is a place where women can come together to seek advice, get suggestions and also have a group to be there who have struggled with the same issues they are facing.
  • It also teaches single moms that you don’t necessarily need to look for happiness but you can create one.
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Facebook single mom is a dating site that teaches you that “Being a mother is not about what you gave up to have a child, but what you’ve gained by having a child”.

It lends support to single moms who have to deal with all the stress that goes comes with being a single mom.

Find help, share your experience, and support each other on Facebook single moms.

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