Facebook Pay App | How to Send and Receive Money on Facebook Messenger

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Facebook Pay App is Facebook’s new innovation which enables users send and receive money free of charge from the app. Although it comes with good security, users are still advised to be proactive, using password protection on all devices and installing anti-virus software.

Facebook Pay App

How Facebook Pay App Works

To send money via the Facebook Pay App, a user opens a Messenger conversation with a friend and taps on the dollar sign icon. From there, the user is to key in his/her debit card number or PayPal information, which may be stored up in the app for future use. Thereafter, the user keys in the amount that they want to send and submits same. Facebook’s software then facilitates the money transfer, acting as a conduit between the user’s bank and another bank for the payee. The software also gives the transaction extra layers of security to forestall hackers from compromising either party’s financial details.

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Facebook Pay App Benefits/Features

  • Facebook Pay App enables users send and receive money free of charge.
  • Facebook’s software acts as the middleman between the sender and the receiver.
  • The company’s software is also set up to offer security and protection from hackers.
  • You can connect your Visa or MasterCard debit card and click a $ button to send friends money on iOS, Android, and desktop with zero fees.

How Secure Is Facebook Pay App?

Facebook ensures that whether you are sending money or simply browsing and socializing, that the connection is encrypted. Also, the site uses an additional layer of encryption for financial information submitted via the send money app. Users who want even more security can ask for a personal identification number to send money. This will prevent fraudulent transactions if an unauthorized user gets his hands on your computer or mobile device. Another alternative option that is specific to iPhone and iPad users is Touch or Face ID. With these security options, your fingerprint or facial features are analyzed by your device to ensure you are authorized to send money. Facebook maintains a reputation for having good security and privacy infrastructure, although, with a sensitive service like this, users think it’s security features should be further beefed up for utmost security.

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Facebook Pay App has been designed to protect your money and financial details, whenever you send funds using the Facebook service.

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