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Facebook Online Shopping- Facebook is popularly known for chatting with friend and family and uploading pictures and videos. Facebook has a lot more to offer; with Facebook online shopping, you get to buy whatever you want, like you’re shopping in your local store. With Facebook online shopping, you can buy your items online, you pay online using any available method of payment, and you get the delivery of your goods.

facebook online shopping

It gives you an opportunity to buy things you like and you want; providing you can afford them, without leaving your home. You can shop on Facebook from Facebook selling pages, Facebook buying and selling groups, Facebook online store, and Facebook marketplace, when using any of these features you are not exiting Facebook as all of these features are within Facebook.

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Facebook Online Shopping – How To Buy On Facebook Marketplace

It is very easy and fast to go through if you already know what you want to buy and where you want to get it from. If you want to buy from Facebook marketplace, you should know that the marketplace is not available to new Facebook users and to users below 18 years. You can learn how to buy on Facebook marketplace with the following steps;

  1. Connect your device to an active data connection
  2. Open your web browser to use the Facebook web or you use the Facebook app
  3. Login to your account
  4. Tap the marketplace icon to open the Facebook marketplace
  5. Browse through the category section or you can search for the item you want to buy
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After you’ve seen the item you want to buy, you can open the product page of the item to know more about the item and you can click on ask for details to chat with the seller.

Facebook Online Shopping – How To Buy On Facebook Groups

If you’re unable to use the Facebook marketplace for your Facebook online shopping, you can buy on Facebook buy and sell pages. To buy on Facebook pages, follow the steps below

  1. Connect to the internet
  2. Login to your Facebook account
  3. Open the group you want to buy from
  4. Tap on the item you want to buy
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To be able to buy in Facebook groups, the buying and selling feature of that group must have been turned on, this feature can only be turned on by a group admin.

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