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Facebook Online Shopping is one of the biggest online shopping services that gives you access to sites that you can shop things ranging from clothes, households, properties fashion accessories, Home goods and globally connect with other users.

Facebook Online Shopping

Online Facebook Shopping is free and no fee is charged if you are buying or selling.

Facebook Online Shopping Categories

You can shop online via Facebook using the following categories.

Electronics, Deals, Family, Classifieds, Clothing & Accessories, Entertainment, Hobbies, Home & Garden, Vehicles and Housing.

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Tips for Facebook Online Shopping

You can use the following suggested tips to shop online via Facebook;

When you intimate a seller of a particular product you are interested, you are advised to be patient if you don’t get an instant response from the seller as sellers get lots various messages of sales per day and may take a little time to respond to you.

Ensure you know the condition of the item you wish to purchase, before meeting up with the seller. You both should agree on the price of the item as well as the exact location of your meeting place.

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Once you meet the seller, check the item and ensure it’s what you want before you actually make payment for it.

If you can’t meet up with the seller on the agreed time, do well to send the seller a message intimating him/her that you would like to reschedule for another time.

How To Do Facebook Online Shopping

  • First, ensure you’ve set up your Facebook Business Page.
  • Add a Store section to your page
  • Now, add your products
  • Then manage your products – add sizes and other product details for your customers to browse.
  • Thereafter, set up your payments options
  • Set up your shipping options
  • Then save.
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How Safe Is Facebook Online Shopping?

Facebook Online Shopping is safe to some extent, although there may be risks to shopping on Facebook. This is because Facebook offers no protective measures for both the seller and buyer on its platform. This implies that you are solely responsible for all your transactions when you shop online on Facebook.

With the convenience of shopping online Facebook with your mobile device at the comfort of your home, you should try Facebook Online Shopping today.

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