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Download the Facebook messenger app and start instant texting your friends and people on Facebook with ease. This instant messaging app has all features to make it the best chat app available.

It is the second most downloaded and used instant messaging app with more than 1 billion users just after WhatsApp, another Facebook-owned chat app. Formerly known as Facebook chat, Facebook Messenger is Facebook developed and main instant messaging app as it makes it possible to message people on the Facebook platform.

facebook messenger download

Facebook Messenger Features

Like earlier stated, this app has all it takes to make a perfect instant messaging app;

  • Chat with people you meet via Facebook.
  • An interesting looking dark mode.
  • An Offline mode that lets you chat while your device is not connected to the internet.
  • Loads of stickers, emojis, GIFs, and reaction images to select from.
  • Audio messaging or voice notes feature.
  • Allows users to make standard calls both audio and video under a good internet connection.
  • A huge library of games to play. You could also choose to play with friends.
  • Facebook Pay: A feature that allows you to perform monetary transactions on the app.
  • Messenger Story: Like on WhatsApp & Tik Tok, this feature allows you to upload media content for your friends to view and interact with. It also lasts for only 24 hours in which it gets automatically deleted after that space of time.
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There are lots of features you could enjoy while using this app. To find out, you are just going to have to download the app.

Download Facebook Messenger App

The Facebook messenger app is available for mobile devices (IOS, Android & Windows) and Desktop (Windows & Mac). The guide below will direct you on downloading the messenger app for your device.

The app has a white lightning icon on a blue background which is on a much bigger white background. You should recognize it once you see it.

Android – Mobile Device

On your android device app menu, locate the Google Play Store, and open it. Hit the search bar icon at the top and type “Facebook Messenger” then select the app and proceed to download it by clicking on “Install”.

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On your IOS device, navigate to the apple store. Then locate and tap on the Search tab at the bottom. Search “Facebook Messenger”, tap on the app to select it, and tap on the “install” button to download it.

Windows – Mobile Device

The Microsoft app store also has the messenger app for mobile devices on it. Just open it and proceed to find the app by using the search bar. Then click on it and install it on your device.

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macOS/ Windows – Desktop

The Messenger app for computers was only made available recently. You can download it easily by;

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On the app store (Apple or Microsoft) on your PC or Desktop, use the search tab to find the Facebook Messenger app and click on it. Follow your respective app store’s prompt to install the app to your computer.

Alternatively, visit the Facebook messenger download page (www.messenger.com/desktop) to download the app for any of your computer devices.

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