Facebook GIF Ads: Tips, Trends, and Strategies | Use GIF as Ads | Create Facebook GIF Ads

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Facebook GIF Ads- Given the fact that Facebook is a very populous social media platform and it is also one of the busiest social media platforms make it the best place for you to advertise your brand or your business. A larger number of Facebook users uses Facebook for just the fun and casual part, that is, chatting, posting updates, and making friends, but Facebook performs a lot more than just fun and casuals. Did you know you can use Facebook to advertise your brand and your business? Well, you can with Facebook ads, and this comes in different formats, the video ads, carousel ads, image ads and also, gif ads.

Facebook GIF Ads

Looking at things equally and generally, the best place to make a public announcement and to make an advertisement is in a well-crowded area, from the social media view is Facebook. Now, you are going to make this advertisement in such a way that it will catch people’s interest and will want to see more is totally up to you. You will have to find out what people like and what they do not like. Statistics show that a greater percentage of social media users loves gif; since greater population loves gif, why not put your ads in gif format with Facebook gif ads.

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Facebook Ads Manager

If you have a Facebook page or you use Facebook ads manager, you can upload your Facebook gif ads. As a business owner or a celebrity or any public figure at all, you should at least have a Facebook page. Facebook pages are free to create and they can help reach out to a very large number of people within a very short period of time. It is not necessary for your Facebook page followers to have you as a friend on Facebook, as far as they follow your page on Facebook, they will get your updates.

Facebook Gif Ads | How To Upload a Gif in Facebook Ads Manager

You can advertise your products and brands or businesses using different platforms on Facebook and Facebook ads manager with the following steps:

  1. Connect to the internet and go to Facebook ads manager, login if necessary
  2. Choose an objective for your ad (the objective must support videos)
  3. Go to the Format section and select single video
  4. Upload your Facebook gif ads just the same way you upload a video ad
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On completion of the above steps, it will be successfully uploaded and it will be posted on Facebook for its users to see.

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