Facebook Dating Free | Launch Of Facebook dating 2020

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Facebook Dating Free– Dating is not so easy for many. Finding a date to begin with can be challenging. First, you need to find someone who might have an interest and lastly, you have to be convincing enough to get your approach towards the person welcomed.

Millions of people around the world are in search for love, but the only way to reach out to these people is through a platform that can act as a medium between two people in search for love and at the same time putting into consideration if they would be the right match.

Facebook Dating Free

One sure medium with billions of monthly users and millions of singles is facebook. Facebook started with an idea of reaching out to friends, loved ones, family and such, but they have already had the potential and workforce for creating a dating platform for a long time now, due to the large user base they have.

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Facebook already records 2 billion monthly users and 200 million users whose reviews show to be singles. And there are brilliant engineers behind Facebook who can develop an outstanding dating platform.

How To Get Started With Facebook Dating For Free

Although it’s a new feature, this gives you an idea of how successful Facebook dating already is, and how successful it will become in the coming months. There have been many dating sites till date who are great at what they do, but in order to use their great dating services, one pays monthly or yearly for subscription fees. What’s intriguing is that Facebook dating is better than all of these dating sites from the feedback we’ve gotten so far, and it is absolutely free as well.

To start up with Facebook dating free, all you need to do is download the latest version of the main Facebook app, not the lite version. Then you also have to be in a country that currently has access to the Facebook dating feature; because Facebook dating is new and only available in 20 countries for now, but it is definitely moving to other countries with time.

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After checking these two criteria which includes the country and the latest Facebook app, then you can get started with Facebook dating by clicking on the link in the Facebook app.

How Facebook Dating Works

So if it’s your first time to click on the link, you will need to agree that you are above the age of 18. And then you will create a dating profile. Facebook has designed this in such a way that your dating profile is dissimilar to your main Facebook profile, if that’s what you want. You have all the flexibility to edit your dating profile however you choose to, and it won’t interfere with your main Facebook profile.

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The only data that gets transferred to the dating profile from your main Facebook profile is your name and age. You can then choose to use pictures from your Facebook photos, or not, and upload different photos instead.

Facebook dating works pretty much like every other dating app and even better in the sense that you get a match to a date based on an algorithm that considers your location, age, number of children, common interests, hobbies, and so on. It currently is available in 20 countries, but if it is not yet in yours, you can wait, because Facebook dating will be available for all of its users around the world at the estimated time.

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