Facebook Dating App Download | Secret Crushes Dating Feature on Facebook Dating App

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Dating on Facebook App – Facebook Dating Feature. Facebook Dating app is a digital dating product on Facebook. This app is a feature within Facebook’s major app, instead of a different app release. 

So Facebook users only just have to create a different dating profile. After showing interest in another profile, the service allows users to reach each other. The Facebook Dating app urges users to select nine “Secret Crushes” from their existing contact of friends. Funny enough, the internet world loves to crush, and the internet’s crush character has been really strong in the past years.

During its annual developer conference, the organization provided more information about its recent dating feature on Facebook Dating app. Where this is built directly into its main mobile app.

Facebook Dating App

Now, the most exciting aspect of this is that this Facebook Dating app was developed with a Secret Crush feature, which enables users to have at least nine of their Facebook friends whom they are secretly crushing on. I

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If both of you are enrolled in Facebook Dating, and you both enlist each other as a Secret Crush, you will get a notification. Otherwise, the crush between the two of you will remain secret.

How To Activate Facebook Dating app

Activating your Facebook dating app is simple. Once Facebook Dating is accessible in your environment, you will be able to activate it just by responding to the notification on your News Feed. Again, you can also activate it by clicking on the heart icon on your profile.

Having done that, it will popup your “dating page”. Then from there, you can setup a different dating profile so that it will be unseen by your other Facebook friends.

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Who can see your Facebook Dating Profile on your Facebook Dating App?

Now when you have set up this engagement on your Facebook dating app, only those who have opted into the dating service will be able to see your dating profile. So don’t worry, because it won’t show in the News Feed. Your Facebook friends can’t see your dating profile, and Facebook will never suggest your friends or people you have blocked as a possible match.

However, you can be able to choose whether or not you want the friends of your friends to be suggested as a match just by toggling that feature on or off on the privacy settings.

How To Set Up Your Facebook Dating app Profile

Setting up your Facebook dating profile is not difficult and it follows the same general set up process apps like every other app setup. You will have to select your gender and also select the gender of who you want to be matched with, from an inclusive menu of options. Then you will also have to confirm the area you want your dating. Then you will write a brief biography.

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Is Facebook Dating Available Yet? | Facebook Dating App Launch Date

Sometimes people want to know if FB dating app is available at the moment in their area.

Now, Facebook has announced that Facebook Dating app will be available to the U.S. by the end of the year 2019, at its yearly developer conference.  Facebook shared that Facebook Dating app is expanding to 14 additional countries beyond the original five they enlisted. So folks, be patient and wait for it to come in your area.

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