Facebook Analytics | Your Guide on How to Interpret Facebook Analytics and Insights

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Thinking of how you can link your brand or business to audiences and customers? Well, using a social media platform might just be the best idea. But you won’t like to make unproductive and wasteful moves like posting contents without even knowing who your audience are or what kind of content that interests them. Facebook introduced the Facebook analytics tool which is a very useful and free tool that helps business owners and brands measure the performance of their business page without any stress. It uses the insight tool to track likes, views, and others on their business page.


Whether you are looking to create brand awareness or you want to connect and communicate with your audience and customers, this is just the right tool for you. It helps you know which of your audience is most active and how active they are. Facebook has more than a billion active users. With this, Facebook is one of the best platforms to reach out to a very large number of people within minutes. But Facebook algorithm prioritizes contents from friends and family, making it a bit difficult for posts from pages to appear on the news feed page and this may affect the attention you want from your audience. 

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With Facebook Analytics, it’s no longer a problem. If you fully understand the analysis of your Facebook page, you will get all the vital information and details needed to make sure that you are showing your audience exactly what they want to see. Facebook analytics and Facebook algorithm work together, hand in hand instead of just posting contents hoping it will be seen by anyone on Facebook.

More Information on Facebook Analytics

Even though Facebook analytics is a free tool, setting it up, managing it and understanding it fully will be a challenge to some people who have an interest in using it. The key to gaining followers and recognition for your brands or businesses is to publish an ad with an accurate objective, if not, then you are not doing it correctly. Though it is also important you add likes and design your posts properly.

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Features of Facebook Analytics

It is known that Facebook analytics is frequently updated, and with each update comes more useful features and bug fixes. Some of the features include:

  • Omni-channel analytics, it keeps track of people that moves from Facebook to your app and vice versa.
  • Customizable dashboard which displays important information as a priority.
  • An omnichannel insight that helps build a custom audience.

The update of Facebook analytics has one of the most significant updates since there has been a change in algorithm.

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