Change Your Reply Tweet on Twitter | How to hide twitter replies from followers

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On Twitter, you can pick people who can reply to your tweet while drafting. However, did you understand that you can moreover change who can respond to your old tweets?

While the association from the start introduced a component that allowed you to limit who could reply while making the tweet, the component has reached out to existing posts as well.

Here’s the way to change who can answer your old or effectively posted tweets.

How to Change Who Can Reply to Your Old Tweets

While writing a tweet, you can tap ‘Everyone can reply’ under the media decision region and change answer settings. You can choose to allow your devotees, everyone, or just people you notice to reply.

Notwithstanding, as a result of an update in July 2021, even after a tweet is passed on, you can change these answer settings.

You can change your tweet answer settings on Twitter for Android, iPhone, and shockingly on the web.

  • Go to your Twitter profile.
  • Tap the three-dot menu adjacent to an old tweet.
  • Select Change who can reply from the pop-up.
  • A “Who can reply?” card will appear with three options, including Everyone, People you follow, and Only people you mentioned.
  • Choose your preferred reply settings from the options. The settings will be saved automatically.
  • The component doesn’t have impediments as you can change these alternatives on a solitary tweet uninhibitedly.
  • On the off chance that you can’t see the choice on your portable application, guarantee you’re running the most recent rendition. To change who can answer to different tweets, you’ll need to change the settings on each tweet physically—there’s no worldwide choice to change answer choices for a string.

Assuming responsibility for who can answer our tweets is convenient and can assist with diminishing maltreatment.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t confine a client from answering your tweet by means of Twitter’s Quote Tweet include.

Yet, for all time block that irritating Twitter account is consistently another option

Control Your Interactions on Twitter

Like different social media platforms, Twitter can get harmful on occasion. Luckily, you can choose to limit interchanges by picking who can reply to your tweets. If that doesn’t work for a couple, hindering doesn’t do any damage.

Nevertheless, thwarting accounts can be repetitive, if many, so you may have to privatize your record taking everything into account. With heaps of allies, that won’t help so a great deal.

Your last decision could be to use Twitter without an account. It helps to accept ‘you should be completely ensured while using Twitter’, despite the way that it goes with obstructions.

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