Sponge Cake Recipe | Recipe for Sponge Cake | How to Make Sponge Cake

Sponge Cake Recipe – Recipe for Sponge Cake | How to Make Sponge Cake Here is how to arrive at the sleek’s sponge cake. Ingredient• Flour-250g• Margarine- 200g.• Sugar-150g.• Egg-5 medium.• Water.• Baking powder – two level teaspoons• Preservative – 1/8 level teaspoon• Flavor – vanilla and butter scotch• Powdered milk Butter Cake – Sleek’s … Read more


beef shawarma

We are going to be looking at how to prepare BEEF SHAWARMA INGREDIENTS FOR BEEF SHAWARMA Dressing cream. Pita flat bread. Cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes, onion- for the toppings Boiled beef Tomato Ketchup. Chili pepper. Onion Salt Garlic Lemon juice Olive oil Pancake – Best Pancake Recipe – How to Make Pancakes Procedure For Making BEEF SHAWARMA First method- … Read more

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Sleefood.com is a Comprehensive site designed to provide you with every recipe you need to prepare your best delicacy. Because of my passion and broad knowledge in the food industry I decided to use this to express my love for the food business. In this blog, we will be bringing to you all you need … Read more

EGG ROLL RECIPE | How to Make Egg roll FREE


EGG ROLL RECIPE – SLEEK’S EGG ROLL RECIPE – How will I ever forget my love for Egg Roll. In short, it was already a nickname for me not just because I loved it but I also looked like it. But thanks to natural leaves such as Nooni, Moringa, etc that helped in trimming me … Read more

Butter Cake Recipe | How to make Butter cake

butter cake

The Sleek’s butter cake is like every other normal cake but its unique softness is incomparable to any other. The butter makes everything soft and helps in easy digestion during consumption. You really don’t want anything that would lead to a tightening of the intestine and bowels. The Sleek’s butter cake is what you need … Read more

Marble Cake Recipe | How to Make Marble Cake

Marble Cake

Marble Cake – Simple Marble Cake Recipe – The natural colors of this kind of cake, that is the use of cocoa powder as detailed below can be awesomely used as a wedding cake. Wedding cake, I mean the one being shared for guests. The beauty of this kind cannot be overemphasized especially when the … Read more

Best Chocolate Cake Recipe | How to Make Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake recipe has been an issue after my first sight in a friend’s birthday party. Tried making several ones at home and found it very disastrous but like it’s said failure is just the beginning of success. I kept on trying on how to make Chocolate Cake and I came up with a Chocolate … Read more

Sponge Coconut Cake Recipe | How to Make Coconut Sponge Cake

Coconut Cake Recipe

Coconut Cake Recipe | Sponge Coconut Cake Recipe Sleek’s sponge coconut cake has a firm, yet well-aerated structure, which is similar to the sea sponge. It’s fluffy, light and rolls easily. The sponge cake is thought to be one of the first of the non-yeasted cakes, and the earliest attested sponge Coconut Cake Recipe cake … Read more

HappyCow – Best Restaurants Near Me | Restaurants Near Me


HappyCow is an online platform that provides a list of sources for vegan and vegetarian foods. Vegans are steady looking for cookbooks, recipes and life hacks that will help their love for veganism to improve their lives. So HappyCow brings an easy way out from the every day “what do I eat” and “how do … Read more

Brunning Method – Boiling a Protein as Stock


Brunning – Boiling a protein as stockEvery body might think he or she can be able to boil a protein until it’s served and you find out that it’s either extremely tasty or tasteless or very strong. There are different timings to a different protein and there are various ways to prepare this protein as a … Read more

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