Can You Sell Things on Facebook | Buy and Sell Locally

Have you ever wondered if you can sell things on Facebook? Well it is possible and a lot of people prayers have been answered. The reason I say a lot of people prayers have been answered is because people already know that Facebook has the crowd and selling there would get your business to quite a lot of people thereby increasing sale in your business.

Sell things on facebook

How can you sell things on Facebook

There are various ways of which you can sell things on Facebook. Some of these ways are through the Facebook marketplace (the originally known place to buy and sell products), running Facebook ads, Facebook group, Facebook pages, Facebook friend’s timeline and your timeline. All these methods all have their perks and benefits. For instance, running an ads on Facebook will require  to pay while using Facebook groups will not require you to pay.

How can you sell on Facebook Groups, Timeline, Friends Timeline and pages

I believe you already know how to post an item on Facebook. Well in this case it is no different it is just for you to locate the friends timeline, Facebook groups or page you want to post an item for sale on and click on it.

  • Once you are on the group, page, or timeline where you want to post the item, click on the post icon and add a description of your product.
  • Add some pictures to back it up and then the price if you wish.
  • Add your location and click on the post icon. It is also important to add a location but not necessary.

That is it for learning how you can sell on Facebook groups pages and timeline.

Create a Facebook account

Creating a Facebook account can be very simple yet difficult. To create a Facebook account;

  • Grab an internet enabled device and seek the official Facebook URL Alternatively, if you prefer, you can launch any Facebook app you have on the device.
  • Now logout of any Facebook account that is already logged in on the device. If there is not any, then click on the icon indicating you can create an account.
  • On the form page you are redirected to, enter your personal details as you are asked and try to be genuine as possible.
  • On the next step, add your contact details and confirm it by completing the challenge you are given.

The moment your contact details is confirmed, you will e instantly logged in on your Facebook account and you can start selling immediately after adding some friends and joining some Facebook groups.