Apple’s iPhone 13 Review | Release date, price, leaks & more

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iPhone 13 release is just around the corner, and as is the norm, many rumors are making the round. From an alleged power-button touch ID to a bigger camera bump, here’s everything we know about iPhone 13 so far.

Apple’s iPhone 13 Review

While rumors can be great for insights, they also lead to confusion and false hopes. So my team and I have put our experience and brains together to sieve out the implausible ideas and paint as accurate a picture of the iPhone 13 as we can.

When will iPhone 13 release?

It is expected that the 2021 iPhones will follow the company’s traditional September launch timeline. And going by Apple’s pattern, the tentative dates for iPhone 13 release are –

iPhone 13 spec overview

Size and hardware

It is speculated that Apple will repeat the four sizes and suffixes it employed for iPhone 12 series. So, we’ll get,

  • 5.4″ iPhone 13 mini
  • 6.1 ” iPhone 13
  • 6.1″ iPhone 13 Pro
  • 6.7″ iPhone 13 Pro Max

However, Apple might drop iPhone 13 mini as 12 mini did not bring the tech giant expected sales. But we won’t believe it until we hear it from the horse’s mouth. So, let’s assume that we are getting four models in the fall.

Faster than ever

Apple brought the M1 chip to the iPad this year, so people are, let’s say, daydreaming about an M1-powered iPhone 13. However, that’s highly unlikely in 2021.

Don’t worry; the 5nm+ A15 chip will boast improvements in speed and efficiency. Reportedly, TSMC has already kicked off production of the A15 chip.


Apple might be planning to double up iPhone’s top storage capacity, as shared by a renowned leaker Jon Prosser and some sketchy sources. So, the iPhone 13 Pro and Max models might boast a 1TB storage option.

That would also mean more $$$. And while I am not too sold on the idea, a 1TB iPhone would be a great companion for many professionals.

iPhone 13 spec overview

iPhone 13 design

Overall, it is speculated that iPhone 13 will be twinning with iPhone 12, from size variants to square edges.

However, an alleged iPhone 13 dummy unit leaked by Sonny Dickson highlight some exciting changes in the back. All devices have a larger camera unit, and the entry-level models flaunt a diagonal camera arrangement.

Plus, leaked dimensions and alleged CADs also suggest a bigger camera cutout and an increased body thickness. And we might even have a larger battery!

Touch ID

In the light of the pandemic and face masks, Apple might bring back Touch ID, but not with the Home or Power button. As per Bloomberg‘s Mark Gurman, Apple is playing with an in-display fingerprint sensor.

This will be in addition to Face ID as an alt. However, many analysts claim that it will be part of the 2022 iPhones.

iPhone 13 Camera

It is rumored that the 2020 iPhone will sport features like Sensor-shift Stabilization and LiDAR across the lineup. So not just the pro models, but you’ll also be able to grab amazing low-light shots with iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini.

Notably, the bigger camera bump and new diagonal camera lens setup discussed earlier could accommodate these changes. The iPhone 13 Pro models will bring improvements to the Ultra Wide lenses, facilitating better autofocus.

Overall, the base models will feature some significant changes, while Pro models will boast minor spec bumps.

iPhone 13 colors

This time around, Apple might bring three new color options. A much-coveted matte black, a bronze/orange color, and pink.

And after the new mauve, I kind of believe that a pink color iPhone is in the making.

iPhone 13 colors

iPhone 13 Charging

The inclusion of MagSafe last year in iPhone 12 hinted at Apple’s plan to go wireless. And while there are rumors that at least one iPhone in 2021 will not sport a port, that’s highly unlikely.

Before that could happen, the MagSafe and wireless charging market need to grow a bit more. And since a portless design is on the cards, switching to UCB-C isn’t a viable option.

So, Apple might bring better magnets and some new charging accessories, but it will not be moving away from Lightning port anytime soon.

iPhone 13 software

Apple showed off iOS 15 at June’s Worldwide Developer Conference, and it boasted some fantastic features. And the 2021 iPhones will happily carry them aboard.

What’s remarkable? Some features that are restricted for older devices like Live Text, Visual Look Up, Facetime Spatial audio, etc., will work flawlessly with the new ones.

iPhone 13 Price

Reportedly, the 2021 iPhone price point will stay relatively close to its predecessor, iPhone 12, i.e., $699, $799, $999, $1099.

However, expect a slight hike in these numbers, especially outside the US, as all devices will also get the mmWave 5G tech.

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